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Show 1 - January, 2007: David Hevel in Kansas City
Show 2 - February, 2007: A chat with Paul Mullins during his opening and Mike Arcega in Houston
Show 3 - March, 2007: Live from PULSE New York! Featuring Libby Black, Forrest Williams, Dana DeKalb, and Lisea Lyons
Show 4 - April, 2007: Patrick Wilson and Paul Paiement
Show 5 - June, 2007: First Thursday gallery walk and a chat with Dave Lyle during his opening "on the late end!"
Show 6 - July, 2007: Ominous Atmosphere group exhibition walkthrough, featuring co-curator Jeff Dauber
Show 7 - September, 2007: Tokyo & Naoshima Japan featuring Noah Lang and Kris Shapiro of Electric Works...the "Secret Engagement" interview!
Show 8 - November, 2007: Forrest Williams walks us through his solo exhibition Porches

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Show 9 - February, 2008: Introduction to Marx & Zavattero and marxzav.com
Show 10 - March, 2008: Zefrey Throwell's Frank Prattle interview with Steve and James Gobel, and a chat with S.F. Arts Commission Gallery Director Meg Shiffler
Show 11 - August, 2008: Let Us Now Praise San Francisco featuring short story readings by Victor Martinez, Michelle Tea, and Robert Mailer Anderson
Show 12 - October, 2008: Andrew Schoultz walks us through his solo exhibition In Gods We Trust
Show 13 - January, 2009: William Swanson talks about the paintings in his solo exhibition The Impact Curve, and a chat with SJICA Executive Director Cathy Kimball
Show 14 - March, 2009: Davis & Davis walk us through their solo exhibition Ring the Changes, and a chat with Southern Exposure Executive Director Courtney Fink during the annual Monster Drawing Rally
Show 15 - June, 2009: Lisea Lyons gives an insightful artist talk during her solo exhibition Lineage, and an audio tour of Mike Arcega's MFA thesis exhibition Wunderflater
Show 16 - October, 2009: Stephen Giannetti walks us through his solo exhibition Sextuple, and we go Passport stamping in the Mission with Noah Lang, Libby Black, Andrew Schoultz, and Sean McFarland