Please join us in Booth 1.01 at VOLTA New York, March 7-10, 2013, as we present a solo exhibition by Icelandic-American painter Arngunnur Ýr.



“The National Parks conjure up an almost idyllic setting that the viewer can immediately relate to. They make references to places of exquisite beauty that we recognize and claim as our own, gaining a sense of security and identity. It is an over-sentimentalizing of these iconic places, where the setting becomes an overloaded torte of mountains, one weighing upon the next. There is a degree of suffocation at the same time referencing a place supposed to be “light” and uplifting. Initially the work was phenomenological that directly depicted my experiences in landscape. The newer works are still landscape based but have a more psychological approach, to explore the condition of the landscape and how we relate to it. They are intentionally askew and vortexed towards the center. They become about destabilisation, and how the viewer navigates through the painting. The painting draws the viewer in, and refuses to let go.” –Arngunnur Ýr, January 2013



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